About Me

Web & Android developer with a little over 8 years of experience.

I love to code and the bugs love me.

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My journey


Discovery of C++

In 2010, my passion for music led me to discover Joey Sturgis. He was the person responsible for me being interested in programming. I've found countless people programming their own audio plugins and I wanted to do the same! I started learning about C++ and read a couple of books on audio processing.


Web Development - Baby Steps

Around July 2012, I started developing an insatiable interest in web development. I've wanted to make a website for my band, at the time, and promote our music. I've fell into a rabbit hole, which in the years that followed, I've made into a cozy home.



As I've become more and more interested in software engineering, I wanted to get proper education. One thing led to another and I've got accepted into the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec, where I've successfully defended my thesis and earned my bacc. status.



Around last year of college, I got acquainted with some people on FOI (Faculty of Organization and Informatics) and started freelancing for local businesses on web development projects. I learned a lot about Wordpress, Joomla and especially JavaScript.


Traineeship & Employment

After I successfully completed my traineeship in Pixel Industry, learning how to program Wordpress plugins and themes, I landed my first job as a front-end developer, designining and developing websites/webshops.


Hrvatski Telekom - Information Technology Developer

During summer of 2018. I got recommended by a friend, who worked in Hrvatski Telekom, for a front-end developer role. I applied and I got it! After my previous company, I was in search for new challenges and I've found more than enough of it as an IT Developer in Hrvatski Telekom.