I get sheet done.

What is this place?

Welcome to my new & re-designed web portfolio!
Really nice to have you here!

Who are you?

My name is Kristijan Fištrek and I'm an enthusiastic & proactive developer from a small city called Varaždin, located in Croatia.
I'm passionate about technology & I love to code!

How old are you?

Proudly marching through the 27th year of my life! Almost 28.

That's old...

That hurts man...

How long have you been programming?

I started dabbling with it in 2008. But I wasn't serious until I actually started studying programming enginnering in college.
With that in mind, I've been consistently programming for about 5 years.

Who is this for?

Anyone interested in my projects, web development or me.

What do you do?

I currently work as an IT Solutions Developer / CTIO at Hrvatski Telekom.
For further information, feel free to download my portfolio.

P.S. I am inexplicably interested in music. Everything from playing the instrument, recording the songs, all the way to mixing & mastering the finished product. Check out my YouTube channel to see some of my work.

Marvel or DC?

Uhh we're getting personal here!
Ever since I can remember, I was a Batman fan. HUGE Batman fan. Wonder why this portfolio is so dark? Wonder no more.
But hey, Marvel almost changed my mind with Daredevil & Punisher.

How can I get to know you more?

Have no fear, here are some of my social media accounts. If you like juicy memes, you'll enjoy my social media presence.