The journey so far.


  1. First steps - C++

    Sometime in 2008...

    C++ was the first language I started to learn as a hyped & upcoming developer!
    After two weeks I thought : ,,Man, this shit is hard...''.
    Then I quit.

  2. College - Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec

    Semptember 2013. - Semptember 2017.
    • Expanded my knowledge of C++
    • Developed huge interest in data structures & algorithms
    • Learned & worked on a couple of .NET projects
    • Freelanced on a couple of Wordpress/PHP projects
    • Flirted with Java
    • Learned MATLAB & Neural Networks for my thesis
  3. Silkworm Association

    October 2015. - December 2015.

    During my college years, I freelanced at the Faculty of Organization & Informatics (FOI).
    One of the most memorable projects I was working on was creating a web application using PHP for Silkworm Association.
    Unfortunately the web application isn't active anymore.

  4. Traineeship

    Feb. 2017. - April 2017.

    While I was finishing college, I got the amazing opportunity to test my PHP skills in Pixel Industry, a full-stack digital agency developing web based solutions.
    My assignments consisted of designing & developing plugins for Wordpress using PHP, CSS, HTML & Ajax.
    Amazing experience, amazing people & my skills got roasted. Thank you!

  5. Orvelus

    November 2017. - August 2018.

    Right after college I worked as a Wordpress/PHP developer at Orvelus.
    Fruitful experience, couldn't have asked for a better first job!

  6. Freelance

    August 2018. - November 2018.

    Right after parting with Orvelus, I realised that Wordpress/PHP world isn't really for me, so I started my little freelance adventure.
    All this time, besides work, I've been exploring & learning more about Javascript frameworks like React & Angular, whilst working on my back-end skills in Java & C#.
    I decided to challenge myself & participated in a few projects involving these technologies, you can check them out on my projects page.

  7. Designer of IT Solutions / CTIO - Hrvatski Telekom

    November 2018. - Ongoing

    On November 2018. I had a breakthrough opportunity to utilize my hard earned Angular & Java skills in a corporative & Agile environment. My social & teamwork skills were put to the test, I've been learning a lot ever since day one.
    In April 2019. I've been nominated to participate as an ambassador in a campaign called Svijet Boljih Mogućnosti, for which I am eternally grateful for!


For years I've been a jack of all trades, so I decided to seperate my skills in two categories.
One category is my regular stack, on which I'm currently working on.
The second category is the technology that I'm interested in & want to learn more about.
Some of my skill include but are not limited to :

My regular tech stack

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SCSS
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • Java

Excited to learn

  • Springboot
  • Web Components (Vanilla Javascript)
  • Express - Node.js
  • Docker
  • NoSQL
  • Serverless AWS
  • Tensorflow