Well, some of them.

Welcome to my projects

Here you can find some of my finished projects + some of the ongoing ones as well.
This page will be further developed in the upcoming months, but some of the most important projects are layed out here.
I hope you'll find something interesting!

Just to keep everything concise and neat, if you want to check out the full list the projects I have done or participated in, feel free to click here : LIST OF COOL PROJECTS.
If however you want to check out the projects that stand out from the rest, scroll down and take look at that list.
I hope you'll find something interesting! Cheers!

Featured projects

Learn Angular

A web application designed & developed using Angular 7. Made with the purpose of learning and teaching the benefits that Angular offers. It serves as a good learning tool for me, and hopefully for others!


NASA API Hub was made to unify all open source NASA API's. So far I've covered Astronomy Picture Of The Day and a list of near Earth objects on a specific day. More to come!

Music Player

As a student, as my Java interest was peaking, I developed a music player that reads your local library and enables you to play, pause, stop and rewind your favorite songs. I used primarily Android Studio for the development & Adobe tools to sketch out the design.
Click down below to check out my Github repository of the project.

College Scheduler

College Scheduler is a project I've done in a collaboration with another college friend of mine. Basically we've created an application that allows you to enter the list of courses you're attending and compose a schedule. It can be used by a professor, student and an administrator, each with their own respective rights. We've used .NET Core as our foundation.